The InnoSwitch3 AC-DC converter IC can greatly improve power and efficiency

The InnoSwitch3 AC-DC converter IC can greatly improve power and efficiency

tenco 2019-07-30

Power Integrations is launching a new addition to InnoSwitch™3 series of constant voltage/constant displacement wire flyback Power supply IC.The new IC provides 95% efficiency across the load range and 100 W power output without the use of heat sinks in closed adapters.This breakthrough performance improvement comes from internally developed high voltage gallium nitride switching technology.

The innoswitch3-cp, innoswitch3-ep and innoswitch3-pro IC in the quasi resonant mode integrate the primary circuit, secondary circuit and feedback circuit in a surface mount package.In the newly released series of devices, the gallium nitride switch replaces the conventional high voltage silicon transistors of IC primary, which can reduce the conduction loss during current flow and greatly reduce the switching loss during operation.This will eventually help significantly reduce power consumption and thus improve efficiency, allowing the smaller InSOP-24D package to provide greater power output.


The new IC provides accurate constant voltage/current/constant power without peripheral components, and works easily with the fast charging protocol interface IC, so it is suitable for high-efficiency reverse design, such as usb-pd and high-current charger/adapter for mobile devices, set-top boxes, monitors, home appliances, network devices and game consoles.The power features of innoswitch3-cp and innoswitch3-ep can be configured by changing hardware parameters, while innoswitching-pro integrates advanced digital interfaces for software control of constant voltage and current setting points, exception handling, and safe mode options.


Balu Balakrishnan, President and chief executive of Power Integrations, said: "gallium nitide is a key technology that is significantly superior to silicon in terms of achieving high efficiency and small size.We expect many power applications to move quickly from silicon transistors to gallium nitride.Since our launch of silicon technology new devices 18 months ago, InnoSwitch3 has been a well-deserved technology pioneer in the off-line switching power supply IC market, and the new gallium nitride IC further strengthens our position as our reverseback products improve in efficiency and power capacity.


Power Integrations' new InnoSwitch 3 IC is now available for an order of 10,000 units at a unit price of $4.The Power Integrations website offers five new reference designs, all usb-pd chargers with output between 60 and 100 W, as well as automated design tools PI Expert™ and other technical support documentation.