Why do we face the increasingly complex process of making chips?SK hynix seeks AI technology capabilities

Why do we face the increasingly complex process of making chips?SK hynix seeks AI technology capabilities

tenco 2019-06-12

SK hynix said Monday it has hired a data science expert to improve its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, the Korea times reported.

The company said it had appointed Kim young-han, a professor at the University of California San Diego, as senior vice President and principal investigator of its data science laboratory.SK hynix, by recruiting Kim, is looking to apply artificial intelligence technology to the company's operating system to boost productivity.

Dr. Kim graduated from Stanford university with a PhD in electrical engineering and is a renowned data science expert.In 2015, he was also appointed a fellow of the institute of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE), the world's largest association of professional technicians.In 2008, he received the national science foundation award for new academic career development, and in 2012 he received the IEEE award for information theory papers.

In the data research division, SK hynix has also established an affiliate called the machine intelligence and data analysis solutions (MIDAS) laboratory, which will be responsible for developing an ai-based company operating system.

SK hynix explains the importance of improving its ai based machine learning capabilities and deep learning technologies to improve productivity.

"There is a growing demand for technologies that can handle large amounts of data because recent chip manufacturing processes require higher levels of micromachining," a company official said.

SK hynix added that it would ensure more data analysts to expand its ai-based operating system.

"Starting this year, we plan to hire more data analysts," says Song chang-rok, the company's senior vice-president and chief information officer."We will work to expand the use of ai-based operating systems."

To recruit more ai experts, SK hynix will set up a booth at the machine learning international conference in long beach, California, from Monday to Saturday.There, the company will introduce data-centric management systems and recruit talent in the field.